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Status: REJECTED (Class temporarily full)
Submitted on: Jul 15, 2013 at 04:46 PM
Race and Class
Troll Shaman
What professions do you have, and what level are they and why chooses them?

Blacksmithing & Jewelcrafting - For the two extra gem slots coupled with superior gems, I believe this is the best combo for squeezing out a little more dps.

What is your spec and what did you choose this particular build?

Elemental - I enjoy feeling like Goku... oh, and I believe my talents give the best overall raid dps in general, bar some specific encounters which require a high burn phase. Also these choices provided nice CC and survivability

How do you prioritize your gear choices (hit/agi/dmg/etc)?

Hit 15% > Int > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Explain the purpose for your secondary spec (ex. PVP, Arena, Changing roles in raid to heal/dps/tank, soloing/questing)Do you have a full set of gear for your secondary spec?

Resto - Occasionally I maybe required to heal something, however this is not very often and I can get away with using my Ele gear as its fairly similar in stats, I used to play resto quite often so I know how the mechanics work.

Would you re-spec for the raid?

Yes if required, although the raid would have to understand my gear would not be up to the same standard as my dps kit for a while.

Please explain any problems with your current gear (missing or incorrect gems/enchants, incorrectly itemized gear, etc)

All my gear should be enchanted, gemmed and optimised for my spec - I'm missing just general upgrades.

Whats your name? And where are you from?

Rob, I'm from Sheffield in the UK

What is your age in real life?


What interests do you have / activities do you like to do outside of WoW?

Photography, Formula 1, MotoGP

What sort of internet connection do you have, and how stable is it?Do you have problems with lag, low ping, or random disconnects in raids?

100MB, no problems with lag or disconnects.

Do you have TS3 installed? Do you own a mic? Can you talk without horrible feedback? And will you talk if communication is necessary?

Yes to all the above.

What is your previous guild history, and why did you leave those guilds?May we contact your prior guild(s) as reference?

I recently moved to Twisting Nether from Stormreaver where I played with a small dedicated team of guys from the UK (guild name Mortis), but unfortunately some of the guys decided they wanted to take a break and play some other games, so due to it being such a small guild it sadly fell apart. We mainly raided semi hardcore, three days a week, we managed to down Heroic Will of the Emperor in January and could have easily progressed through HOF but our GM liked the Idea of focussing on one raid at a time which is fair enough :)

What is the approximate length of time you’ve been playing WoW?

Since day one, or was it two... I forget now :)

What is your previous raiding experience, if any?

I've generally raided end game in some capacity through each expansion, I've covered all roles as tank healer and dps, I guess my highest exp to date would be clearing up to TOES on normal pre patch, and clearing vaults on heroic pre patch.

Why do you want to raid?What makes you enjoy your class and role in a raid?

I enjoy the idea of working together as a dedicated team, with similar goals in mind, not so much focusing on the gear, but making sound progress while having fun in good company.

What’s your favorite raiding encounter?What’s the best wipe you’ve ever caused?

I dont think I have specific encounter, but I always had good fun in ICC, I thought it was a very well designed and put together raid, and downing the LC for the firt time was a good buzz. Best wipe ever, there have been many I'm sure! but the best 'mess up' was forgetting to swap my fire gear out when tanking Golemagg after the trash... Not happy healers :D

How do you typically prepare for bosses you haven’t encountered before?Can you handle constructive criticism?

Watch as many videos as I can, preferably from a dps viewpoint if I'm playing dps - criticism is fine, advice upfront is ever better!

Please include a link to a screen shot of your in-raid UI (if you cannot then provide a link to your UI while in Alterac Valley). "use or
Please provide us with a Link to a log (like WOL), if you dont allrdy have one, go make one at:

I've made an account but I don't currently have any logs to share sorry :(

Tell / show me the best joke or video you have ever seen or heard!!! THIS ONE IS IMORTARNT!

But there are so many!... I watched this once, I cant get it out of my head ^.^

Do you have any friends or family inside of HWC?


Do you agree to guild rules.



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we would like you to join as social but since our raid squard is kinda full right now "got some trials" so got to decline you..

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